NGO Care India performs a skit on Women’s Day at at Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon

Hoping Delhi will one day be like paradise for women: As a part of their Women’s Day celebrations, Gurgaon’s Kingdom of Dreams played host to a play focusing on the importance of educating girls, a performance by an all-women band and some dance moves by the attendees.

cause ngo

A group of girls from Rajasthan, who have been trained under an initiative called Udaan by the NGO Care India, put up a skit on the occasion to fight the stereotype of only boys deserving education. This was followed by a performance by White Lilies, an international all-women band. Before singing Paradise, one of their original compositions, vocalist Pragnya said, “We are singing this song in the hope that one day Delhi will also be like paradise to all women. Women won’t have to feel scared about stepping out in the streets and all spaces will be accessible to women.”

Everyone’s mad at the rapists’ lawyers: The event saw some impromptu and fun activities like wives showing off their dance moves and husbands talking about their wives for two minutes. But the bit that got everyone’s attention was when Nirbhaya or women’s safety or the documentary, India’s Daughter, was mentioned. Malvika, an attendee from Mumbai, said, “The two-three days that I have spent in Delhi, everybody is seriously pissed with the lawyers who are defending Nirbhaya’s rapist. That’s all they are talking about. And that makes me feel slightly less unsafe in Delhi, because everybody is at least questioning what’s wrong.”



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