Put end to scams, power abuse, boundary dispute in Meghalaya: NGO tells Amit Shah

A leading Shillong-based NGO on Wednesday asked BJP president Amit Shah to use his clout to put an end to a number of problems facing Meghalaya, three most important being financial scandals and corruption, abuse of power and inter-state boundary problem with Assam.

“Meghalaya is being governed by a group of politicians who have amassed wealth in a short time, and which is blatantly disproportionate to their known sources of income, and are not serious in attending to the various issues faced by the people,” a memorandum submitted to the BJP president by the Shillong-based Civil Society Welfare Organisation (CSWO) said.

The NGO also complained of massive irregularities in the public distribution system (PDS) which in turn had deprived hundreds of tribal families of their basic right to food.

“While many deserving families in rural areas are not given ration cards there are numerous instances of the same households having three to four cards. Most of these households are not aware that they have more than one ration card, and that some people are benefitting from these cards,” it said.

“Likewise, there are reports of corruption in most of the road schemes including those constructed by the NHAI. There is also corruption in the PMGSY Schemes, and a CBI investigation in all central road schemes in Meghalaya is needed, to ascertain the loss and damage to life and property, and the corruption involved,” the CSWO memorandum to Shah said.



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