Chennai’s own playboy Sunder Ramu to date 365 women in a year for a noble cause

Chennai: Move over Hugh Hefner. Chennai has its very own playboy who is going on 365 dates in 2015. But it’s all for a good cause. Sunder Ramu from Chennai who is on a mission of 365 dates in the year is trying to raise funds for social causes.

Sunder Ramu is a fashion photographer by profession but a serial dater by choice. “I haven’t been in a relationship for a while now. I was like yeah it is fine. Sometimes if you are getting comfortable with the thought I’d rather be like this, then it’s a problem. So I thought it would be interesting to take a journey,” says Ramu.

If one thought that Sunder’s a lucky guy, well there’s more. His dates, who as a rule are only women, also pay for the meal. That’s right – 365 dates with as many women and Sundar doesn’t pay a single rupee.

Instead he saves money for a cause. “The idea was that since the girls are paying for my meals I go at the end of every month to random NGOs that my friends pick. We go together and sponsor a meal for those kids,” he says.

Sunder’s dates have ranged from actors to the woman who collects garbage from his apartment complex. He’s shared a home-cooked meal with DMK treasurer MK Stalin’s wife. But his oldest date till now is a 105-year woman, who happens to be his grandmother. So what next?

“I want to sponsor a meal for different homeless people everyday next year,” he adds.

So over some tea and cake, CNN-IBN’s Anna Issac had the privilege of being date number 113. But Sunder insists that this on-the-record meal and doesn’t really count.



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