Citizens’ group turns organic waste into compost in Noida parks

NOIDA: An initiative by a group of Noida residents, to create vermi-compost inside society parks, thereby productively using fallen leaves which would otherwise be burnt, a leading culprit behind air pollution in and around Noida.

The initiative is led by city-based NGO citizen environment improvement society (CEIS). It is funded by citizens, with some corporate backing, and is expected to be replicated across Noida. The initiative has already been launched inside Sector 28, Sector 29 and Sector 37. Similar vermi-compost facilities were earlier set up in Botanical Gardens and Sector 54.

Usually, to produce vermi-compost from dry leaves and kitchen and agricultural waste, chambers are built in which the organic waste decomposes slowly, leaving behind nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer to grow plants.

“It’s an initiative to curb Noida’s environmental pollution by preventing burning of leaves. Converting organic waste to vermi-compost is highly viable in Noida. While these projects are our own initiative, we’ve sought support from Noida authority, who could buy our vermi-compost to use in their gardens. This would help us sustain our initiative and expand it across the city,” said Sushil Agarwal, founder member of CEIS.

The society presently operates a full-fledged vermi-compost plant in Sector 54, on land given by Noida authority. “The scale of waste produced in Noida is so huge; we need more such initiatives to treat it. We’ve been requesting the authority to collect biodegradable waste after segregation and provide it to us, so that we can convert it to compost. Regretfully, we haven’t got any response yet,” Agarwal added.

“If Noida authority agrees to buy our compost for its parks, green belts and more, we could offer it at subsidized rates. This would also make the city clean and green. Hope they hear our pleas,” said Agarwal.

Brigadier Ashok Hak, chairman of the Arun Vihar RWA that looks after Sectors 28, 29 and 37, said, “The vermi-compost plants are on a trial run. We’ve put up two in each of these sectors. If they are successful, we’ll extend the projects to all sectors.”




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