NGO to equip anti-poaching camps in Khanapur forest

BELAGAVI: Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT), an NGO engaged in conservation of tigers and other wild species across the country, has planned to equip the anti-poaching camps of the forest department in Khanapur forest, by providing different handy, useful and eco-friendly materials, which can help them to do their job more efficiently.

Khanapur forest houses the Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the territory of tigers and many wild animals besides many rare species. Recently, forest department officials came to know with the sensor cameras it had installed in the different areas of Khanapur forest that, there are around 6-7 tigers in this area including two cubs. In order to protect those tigers and conserve other wildlife, WTC has come forward to equip the forest staff.

Already NGO has donated two jeeps to the forest department and shortly it will hand over other equipments to the forest guards who reside at anti-poaching camps. It gives a kit of 20 items like sleeping bags, mobile charger, solar torch, health related materials etc., which help the guards to work more easily and use in emergencies. WCT has refurbished over 1,800 anti-poaching camps so far across the country.

Anish Andheria, president of WCT who visited Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary in Khanapur forest recently, realized the need of strengthening anti-poaching camps here, especially at Jamboti, to strengthen wildlife conservation activities in this area.

Speaking to the TOI, Andheria said government deploy anti-poaching camps usually in tiger reserves. But it’s unfair that not deploying such camps at other sensitive forests just because of it is not a tiger reserve. Forest attached to the Karnataka- Maharashtra and Goa borders is sensitive and need to conserve, he said.

WCT is also engaged in educating the students and teachers about the wildlife. Apart from equipping anti-poaching camps, it has donated over 3,750 vehicles to the forest staff across the country so far.


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