NGO to launch awareness about importance of cow

NAGPUR: Welcoming the ban on cow slaughter, Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra (GVAK) has decided to launch a campaign creating awareness about the importance of the cow for not just farmers but also the general public as various cow urine-based products like medicines have proved to be very useful.

Hemant Jambhekar, GVAK president, told reporters that the centre has been conducting a lot of scientific research on cow and has published papers in national and international journals. The use of chemical fertilizers instead of organic cow-based manure, the cow urine-jeevamrut has made fertile agriculture land out of barren land. It has also had a drastic effect on the quality of food consumed by man which is having serious health effects.

The GVAK joint secretary and an ayurvedic doctor pointed out that the consumption of such food products which are contaminated by residues of insecticides and pesticides has begun to cause various metabolic disorders, cancers etc. But simple cow-based products like ghee and milk can bring about a big change in treatment of diseases if they are consumed by patients. Diseases like hepatitis B are gradually getting converted into cancer. But with cow product-based medicines, the disease can be cured.


Source- TOI


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