NGO shifts controversial writer Taslima Nasreen to US


Controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen has been taken to New York by an US NGO, claiming that its providing Nasreen ‘safety’ amid death threats from radicals in the subcontinent.

According to a press release by US based ‘Center for Inquiry’, Nasreen reached New York on May 27. A fund has also been established to assist her.

Center for Inquiry has established an emergency fund to assist freethought activists whose lives are under threat by Islamic radicals linked to Al Qaeda in countries such as Bangladesh, where three secularist bloggers have been murdered since February, the statement said.

Outspoken human rights activist Taslima Nasreen has been specifically named as an imminent target by the same extremists responsible for the murders of Avijit Roy, Washiqur Rahman, and Ananta Bijoy Das. She was was recently named as one of the next targets by Al Qaeda-linked extremists, prompting CFI to assist in transporting her safely to the US.


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