Dwarka NGO made lakhs selling stolen babies

NEW DELHI: Women who couldn’t conceive became mothers overnight after a brief stay in hospital. Childless couples returned home with their ‘natural children’ meeting their preferences of sex and colour. Becoming a parent was so easy after you registered on the website of Rashtriya Janhit Jansewa Sansthan (RJJS) and agreed to do as told.


But what the 30-odd couples who fell for the promises made by the Dwarka-based ‘NGO’ weren’t told was that their babies had been stolen at birth from hospitals and nursing homes across the NCR. On Tuesday, police said two men and a woman who ran the racket had been arrested in a raid after a tip-off and a two-month-old baby was rescued from them.

The trio promoted their ‘adoption service’ openly, even advertizing with handbills at traffic signals. People could log onto their website or visit their office to register. They even arranged for babies meeting the preferences of their prospective clients.

Source- Times Of India


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