Relief India Trust eradicating ills of the society

There are many everlasting social and economic problems which infect a society and often lead to various societal imbalances. This gives rise to a situation called economic instability. Economic instability lead to many sections being deprived of the basic necessities to fulfill their day to day needs. But many times, the government is unable to provide a satisfactory solution to the rightful demands of the deprived. This is where the role of non-profit organizations justify itself the most. Non-profit organizations serve the needy and underprivileged society by extending them variety of relief facilities along with providing them with guidance about enhancing their social and economic status. One such benevolent organization is Relief India Trust. Relief India Trust undertakes multidimensional relief activities and provide them to whosoever is in need. The NGO reaches out to far flung areas of the country and extends its help. Following are some of the main aspects of Relief India Trust:

Building disease-free society
Relief India Trust is working towards creating a healthy and disease free society. Relief India Trust provides advanced healthcare facilities to people even in the remotest corners of the country. The health related activities performed by the NGO are as follows:

1. Arrangement of free medical camps
2. Provision of free medicine to deserving people
3. Creating awareness among people about preventive measure related to various diseases
4. Creating awareness about first aid tips
5. Honorary services of expert doctors
Relief India Trust provides thesefacilities by arranging various sorts of medical camps and providing free medicine to the needy people.
Conducting free educational workshops
Another major mission undertaken by Relief India Trust is to equip people with latest and emerging knowledge to build a bright professional life. As part of this program various projects related to technology and other vocational trainings are given at different occasions. Relief India Trust provides professional and vocational trainings from time to time in order to build professionalism in people for ensuring their success in different fields.
Relief India Trust does not have any concrete source of revenue or profit. Rather, their functioning is dependent on donations and volunteer services extended by donors and volunteers. After collecting these funds, different sorts of relief activities as discussed above are spread to the targeted areas, thus giving their major share in developing prosperous and progressive societies.
After going through the above mentioned information, it can be concluded that Relief India Trust is undertaking significant steps to ensure and sustain a progressive and prosperous society through its unending philanthropic activities.


7 thoughts on “Relief India Trust eradicating ills of the society”

  1. Creating awareness on every social issue is really really important in today’s scenario. If we are able to create awareness about personal hygiene, diseases, education, human rights and duties, we are half a way to success.


  2. In order to have “Disease Free India”, we need arrangement of free medical camps, provision of free medicine to deserving people, awareness among people about different diseases, many qualified doctors and nurses (even in emergency cases).


  3. Yes, I agree with the author that many times, the government is unable to provide a satisfactory solution to the rightful demands of the deprived. Infact those people are neglected, but recently many NGOs have undertaken the responsibility of poor class. This is a positive symbol that one day everyone will be treated equally.


  4. Everyday, more than 100 people are dying due to improper vaccination. These days diseases are more in no. and vaccination and cure are less in no. We all should be aware and alert and should immediately consultant a doctor as soon as we find we are not well.


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