NGO comes to aid of Akash

Another NGO comes to the aid of Akash

LUDHIANA: Following a story in this newspaper about how some bird lovers had come to the rescue of Akash, a 14-year-old boy, now another NGO has come forward to help the boy’s mother, Nirmala Devi, who sells flowers outside temples to make ends meet.

“After having read the story about this NGO helping the poor woman save her child, we not only met the NGO members, but also Nirmala Devi. We were told that rather than depositing money in their account in the hospital, they wanted someone to help them buy costly medicines that have to be given to the child. Thus, we have decided to pay for his medicines,” said Pankaj Jain from Rock Foundation. He further informed that Akash’s skull had gone soft, and the doctors told them the treatment would take some time, as it is a long process.

Jain informed there were more than 110 members in his foundation who are all businessmen, contributing a minimum of Rs1,000 a month. “We have our teams who look out for such cases, and then there is a team that verifies the authenticity of the person needing help. Once the case is found to be genuine, we help the needy patient whole-heartedly,” he said.

On Sunday, the ‘Ludhiana Times of India’ carried a story about how a bird lover Vipan Bhatia, and some other members of his NGO Pakshi Sewa Samiti, gave Rs43,750 to Nirmala Devi, who sold flowers outside temples for the treatment of her son, who had fallen off a tree along with his friend, while plucking leaves for her. While Akash was left seriously injured, his friend succumbed to injuries, and the poor woman had no money to get her son treated.

Source: Times Of India


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