Diplomat case: Fate of 28 Nepalese women worries NGO

Gurgaon, September 9

NGO Meitei India have claimed that the women rescued from the house of a Saudi diplomat in Gurgaon were part of a batch of 30 who had been sent to Riyadh to reconstruct their lives after the recent devastating earthquake.The NGO, which played a pivotal role in getting the victims rescued, is concerned about the fate of 28 other women. They fear they might be facing a similar fate either here or in Saudi Arabia.“The earthquake left their lives shattered and the crowded camps became vulnerable areas for people to come and take away women on the pretext of getting them jobs. These two and 28 others were victims of the earthquake in some way or the other and fell in the trap of Nepalese agents who sent them to Delhi and then to Saudi Arabia on the pretext of getting them jobs at Jeddah-based oil companies. We fear rest of the women are still in captivity in Saudi Arabia or are being allegedly harassed here like these two . They were treated like animals who were beaten, raped and given food once in many days and had to live on left over biscuits and bread,” said NGO’s Delhi in charge, Bal Krishna Pandey.Pandey claimed the victims, who had a re-medical examination done today, will be flying back along with the NGO tomorrow and the NGO will urge the Nepalese police to look into the issue and nab the agents who sent them here.Sources reveal the Gurgaon police are already on a look out for the Delhi agent who had allegedly sent the duo to the diplomat’s house as it is beleived that he might have sent some other girls of the batch to work in such affluent homes. The police are also keeping a close watch on the society where the Saudi Diplomat lived to get information about those who frequented the flat.




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