Don’t pay taxes till amenities are given, NGO asks residents

To protest against the lack of basic amenities, a local non-government organisation (NGO) has given a call to the residents to start a ‘new non-cooperation movement’ against the municipal corporation and the administration by refusing to pay several levies and taxes like the property tax, the value-added tax and other sundry charges levied in the name of building new infrastructure and improving the quality of life.

“Locals should not pay taxes till basic amenities that are their right are provided to them. Take for instance, roads. There are more potholes that there are roads in the city. The waste management system is non-functional and garbage lays scattered on streets for roads. In this scenario, why should people pay taxes,” claimed BD Chugh, president, Jan Jagran Manch, the NGO that is leading the call for a non-cooperation movement.

Reacting to the call, Pathankot mayor Anil Vasudeva has said, “In a democracy and especially in a city where people have elected us, this sort of statement is uncalled for. Soon, work on all roads would start and we will have excellent transport system. Some projects have also been hanging fire due to rain.”

He added that instead of politicising the issue, this NGO and all others should join hands with the administration to help improve the civic amenities in the town.

Chugh, however, claimed that even of the health of Pathankot residents was suffering as pollution had emerged as a major reason for new diseases taking root in the town.

“There is dust everywhere – in tonnes – that ends up affecting people’s lungs and making them ill,” Chugh said, claiming that even their basic demand that garbage be lifted door-to-door has not been implemented, further impacting health.

Source: Hindustan Times


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