Gurgaon rape case: Nepal women to be brought back to India, says NGO

In a new development in the Gurgaon rape case allegedly involving a Saudi diplomat, official sources from NGO Maiti India have confirmed that the two Nepalese women are likely to be brought back from their country to the capital this week . “On Sunday, the women had recorded their statements with Nepal police. They will be produced before a magistrate on Monday. Both the victims have constantly been accompanied by police and are yet to go back to their respective villages,” said Indira Pandey, Member, Maiti India, Gurgaon.

WATCH VIDEO: Saudi Diplomat Accused Of Raping Nepali Women- Will He Get Immunity?

Meanwhile, sources have revealed that the third domestic help was also brought to the flat of the Saudi diplomat by the same agent, Anwar, who lured the Nepalese women to the capital. It was she who had brought the matter to the attention of Maiti India, which later rescued the Nepalese women.

Source: Indian Express


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