Anwar placed 5 more Nepal women with Saudi families, claims NGO

GURGAON: The two Nepalese women rescued from a Saudi Arabian diplomat’s apartment were among seven women placed as house helps by the same agent, Anwar, according to NGO Maiti-India. The NGO believes the women were all sent to work with families of other Saudi nationals.

Horror story: The two women alleged that they were raped and tortured. saurce: TOI
Horror story: The two women alleged that they were raped and tortured.
saurce: TOI

“Through sources in Nepal, we have come to know that five more girls were taken to Delhi and adjoining cities by local agent Anwar,” Bal Krishna Pandey, president of Maiti-India, which was involved in the September 7 rescue of the two women in Gurgaon, told TOI on Monday. “The five women have reportedly been sent to houses of diplomats with the Saudi embassy,” he added.

The name of Anwar has cropped up repeatedly during inquiries made by police and the NGO since the rescue of the two women. He is believed to be the Delhi conduit for a trafficking network between India and Nepal. At its other end is Kalpana, who is based in Nepal. Kalpana offered the women jobs and handed over to Anwar in Delhi.

Pandey said the NGO is gathering information about the five other Nepalese women placed by Anwar and believes these women are currently in Delhi and NCR. “As soon as we receive the complete information, we will conduct raids to rescue these women,” he said.

The two rescued women who have accused the diplomat of torturing and raping them were on Monday taken to a Kathmandu court, which recorded their statements, Pandey said. A case has been registered in Nepal under sections related to trafficking. Nepal police have reportedly detained 15 people in connection with the case. Kalpana is among those who have been arrested.

“Even though it was extremely difficult for the women to recall the atrocities, their statements were recorded in the sessions court on Monday. The media and NGOs in Nepal have not been allowed to meet the two rescued women. However, we are happy that a case has been registered by the Central Investigation Bureau,” Pandey said.

Source: Times of India


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