Mumbai play ‘Agnes of God’ in trouble, Christian NGO seeks ban

The play is said to be based on a true story in which reason and faith are at loggerheads.

“I think we are retrograding, regressing. If this play could be tolerated 25 years ago in India and there are issues now, what are we saying about India today. By doing a work of art you could be thrown in prison is a threat in my view. I’m seriously concerned. This is based on a true story. We haven’t concocted anything,” Kaizaad Kotwal, director of the play, told NDTV.

Dias said the play originally written by John Pielmeier — which was later adapted into a film in 1985 starring Jane Fonda, Anne Bancroft and Meg Tilly — is expected to have multiple shows in Mumbai, and later across India and abroad.

“Miracles are believed to be unexplainable phenomena and is a divine concept in all religions. So why mock religion, which helps the majority of the people and why target the Christian community,” Dias asked.

“Even if it is based on a true story, there are similar exceptions in other religions, too, but the Christian clergy is being picked out for the insult,” he added.

Dias contended that something like this happening to some ‘maulvi’ or ‘muni’ or the women clergy of any other religion would not have been tolerated and would have led to violent reactions.

“The law of the land must take its course and apply to all citizens equally. We demand that police should stop the staging of this play immediately and book the director and actors for hurting religious sentiments of the Christians,” Dias said.

The CSF, a Mumbai-based NGO, has in the past protested successfully against movies lampooning Christians and also lodged complaints against individual for hurting religious sentiments.

Source- Hindustan Times


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