Attend this workshop by Kandivali NGO that uses art for healing

‘Save Art’ a Kandivali based NGO that aims to promote art as a medium of change and for therapeutic purposes will hold a workshop on October 25 at their office.

“A child from a financially sound background can follow his passion and attend an art school but one from a slum would not even know his potential. He might have excellent skills but the world would not know about it. We aim to provide facilities to such kids,” said Bhagwan Das, one of the members of the NGO and alumni on the JJ School of Arts.

Das believes that the field of art does not get the kind of support that it should from the government.

Pradeep Mapsekar, president, Save Art, said, “Parents think of art as just a hobby but if you look back then history has been written by the biggest artists in the world.”

The members of the NGO have in the past held a workshop for children suffering from cancer. The children were taught to make greeting cards for those who donated blood to them.

To volunteer or donate to this NGO contact Bhagwan Das at 9821063173



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