Relief india Trust Diwali celebration

Relief India Trust to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali

The festival of Diwali can be considered the most auspicious among the festivals which find their roots in Indian mythology. The day marks a grand celebration as we light diyas to enlighten the path of Lord Rama’s return and invite him to our abodes. But Relief India Trust believes that the essence of the festival seems to getting astray as the holy festival has translated into a mere day when we fire crackers. We believe that Diwali is propitious and the day ought not to be marred by environmental degradation.

We, at Relief india Trust, celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly manner. With sweets and gifts, holy ceremonies and lighting diyas, we maintain the essence of the festival for our children and teach them to cherish the festival likewise.

Diwali at Relief India Trust is always celebrated with great enthusiasm. Children are already excited for the festival. Even though a few wanted to burst a few crackers this year, they no more want to do that in the wake of rampant air pollution in Delhi. Instead, the children want to plant saplings.

Diwali with Relief India Trust
Relief India Trust to run campaign for an Eco-friendly Diwali

The kids would of course light up ‘diyas’ and would be treated to sweets and other food delicacies, yet the primary concern would be to organize an eco-friendly Diwali.

We want to urge people to burst less of crackers. There are so many ways people can help the poor and needy by saving money spent on crackers. People can donate food and clothes to the under privileged. Best would be if they offer gifts to the street kids. We urge people to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali. We would also be running a few campaigns to promote and inspire the same among people.


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