Akshaya Trust


Akshaya INDIA

Akshaya Trust 
(Akshaya’s Helping in H.E.L.P Trust)                                                                              #9, West Main Street, Doak Nagar Extension                                                     Madurai — 625 016, INDIA

PHONE: +91 (0) 452 4353439

CELL      : +91  98433 – 19933

Akshaya USA

Akshaya USA
17359 East Caley Place
Aurora, Colorado 80016, USA


Akshaya Nederland
Location: COMING SOON!

Board Of Trustees

N.Krishnan – Managing Trustee

S.Nagamuthumani – Trustee

R.Seethalakshmi Alias Vidhya – Trustee

T.Krishnamurthy – Trustee


The mission of Akshaya trust is to care for the helpless, forsaken, mentally ill, old, sick and the road side destitute who live in Madurai. This is accomplished by providing love and affection, healthy food, rehabilitation opportunities. Their sole aim is to restore human dignity.


1 thought on “Akshaya Trust”

  1. Hello sir,
    I am Mehtab singh Belong to Doda of jammu & kashmir India.My village is the Last Village of this country may. we are only few Hindu families lives here we are in miserable conditions we don’t have Electricity ,road nothing.i am graduate but without anywork but i am doing noble cause for the poor people of the society.aware them about literacy i am running a movement against (Gau Hatya) BAN ON BEEFin this state in the country as well. Being a Hindu i need your help
    i don’t now i am doing right or wrong. but this is need of hour.


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