Bhupathi Rural Development Trust

Add: 2 – 150, Sompally
Razole Mandal
East Godavari – 533242
Andhra Pradesh
Tel : 91-8862-220693, 91-8862-226386
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Bhupathi Ajay Kumar
Purpose : Dalit empowerment and rural youth development.
Aim/Objective/Mission : To empower the rural youth and women with technical, employment, soft and livelihood skills.
To focus on health, education, environmental, children and women issues.
To encourage sports, cultural, creative, service, humanitarian activities to develop social, cultural awareness, comradeship, fraternity and spirit among rural youth.
To strive for the eradication of illiteracy by establishing adult education centers.
To conduct blood, body parts, eyes donation, family planning, literacy, environmental, health camps and campaigns etc.
To work on the issues related to the sovereignty, rights of the downtrodden, dalits.
To support inter caste marriages, get to – gathers to promote caste annihilation.
To achieve these goals, working and coordinating with likeminded social organizations, government and quasi – government organizations.


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