CERD – Centre for Educational and Rural Development – Kadapa

Add: 13-218-X-9, Teacher Ramanjaneyulu Street
B/h YSR Guest House
Kadapa – 516329
Andhra Pradesh
Tel : 91-094413 37121
Email : cerdvoluntaryorganisation@yahoo.co.in
Website :
Contact Person : Mrs. B.Sugunamma Secretary
Purpose : To promote the socio-economic, education, health, awareness, agricultural, cultural, ssmoral standards.
Aim/Objective/Mission : To establish, manage and run rural developmental programmes such as Women and child development, vocational training, plantation programmes, mother and child care programmes, seminars and trainings, health programmes, job oriented programmes, formation of self help groups, and other developmental programmes of those beneficiable for the rural masses. To take up such programmes/activities to eradicate the dreadful diseases such as HIV/AIDS, T.B., H.B., and other chronic diseases in the area by establishing medical teams and centres and also take up mobile medical services, family planning camps, health camps, population control programmes, eye camps, blood donation camps etc. with the help of government and donor agencies. To rehabilitate the dropout children, street children and child labours and to work for prevention of child abuse. To help poor women by implementing micro-finance schemes. To work for conservation of environment, forests, water resources and other natural resources. To help the victims of natural disasters like floods,fire accidents, tsunami, cyclones etc.


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