Gayatri Rural Educational Society

Add: Bankers Colony

Srikakulam – 532001
Andhra Pradesh
Tel : 91-098662 91276
Email :
Website :
Contact Person : Krishna Kumari
Purpose :
Aim/Objective/Mission : We strive to bring about equality of opportunity in our society with preservation of regional & cultural traditions, by improving the lives of women, children and youth for sustainableility and by in advancing the right of disable & deprived people; explicitly we work towards prosperity of rural, tribal & urban slum dwellers through integrated approach, which embodies awareness, education, economic, health, sanitation, capacity building & bio-diversity programmes, with an insistence on women /youth empowerment.
Just and equitable society with greater emphasis on spirituality, compassion and peace on earth.
To work for integrated socio-economic development of the tribal, scheduled caste, rural poor, slum-dwellers, and people in need.
To establish old age homes & day care centres for taking care of neglected & helpless elderly people.
To establish destitute homes for taking care of destitute and working women’s hostel for women in need.
To work towards substance abuse prevention.
To establish Sevashrams/ Crèches/ Residential Tribal Welfare Schools for taking care of orphan children and child education.
To arrange for regular health camps/ eye camps for health / eye care of the people in need.
To work for abolition of child labour from the society and protection of child rights.
To work for creation of self-employment opportunities by arranging various vocational training programmes in coordination with state, international & national authorities/organisations.
To settle family problems like matrimonial relations, dowry etc through family counseling.
To spread the idea of small family norms and help in family planning through women education.
To conduct literacy programmes, adult education programmes for complete eradication of illiteracy from the society.
To work for preservation of nature, water resources, and environment protection.
To educate people for rural development.
To work for eradication of untouchability and development of living standards of SC/ST/OBC people of the society.
To organize and develop cultural activities.
To build-up character and to work for development of morality, friendship, sense of responsibility, qualities of leadership, discipline, standard of citizenship, political consciousness, self respect, patriotism and respect for the nation among the people.
To coordinate all organizations with noble aims and objectives.
To work for eradication of AIDS and make people conscious.
To work for rehabilitation of beggars and eradication of begging from the society.
To work for rehabilitation of disabled and deprived people.
To develop the habit of thrift & savings, promote self-help groups both among the men/women; provide micro-credit support, marketing support as well as training support.
To create awareness in the society as to consumer rights, legal rights, human rights and fundamental rights.
Establishment of training cum production centres for training and creation of employment opportunities.
Work towards Research and Development for social development.
Establishment of research centres for networking and capacity building.
To work for conservation of bio-diversity and maintain the ecological balance.
To work for early detection of leprosy, care and treatment of leprosy affected people, their economic Rehabilitation and social acceptance through awareness among the general mass.
To offer socially viable platform to Indian youths to socialize and promote an atmosphere of dignity and harmonious co-habitation among them through mutual respect, love and trust for each other.
To initiate active involvement of youths in national reconstruction.
To channelize the energies of youths in community services.
To help the fellow members in their hours of need through group action among members of forum.
To felicitate the members for their extraordinary efforts in their respective fields.
To promote various activities/programs at regular intervals for members like cultural nights, community services, sports, social gatherings, debates, workshops, field visits.
To initiate group action against social issues predominant in our Indian Society.
To promote young talents in the concerned area of their Interests.
To work towards the overall betterment and upliftment of Indian Youth.
To seek active participation of Indian Youths in democratic affairs of Country.



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