1. Agape Foundation

Add: 4/1370 F
Sri Sri Nagar
Kadapa – 516309
Andhra Pradesh
Tel :
Email : agapefoundation350@gmail.com
Website :
Contact Person : John Kummithi
Purpose : Eduation development in rural areas.
Aim/Objective/Mission : The main objective of the trust to establish and run the model schools, residential schools, evening study centres, hostels for boys and girls, child labour and street children rehabilitation schools, nclp, rbc’s and also to take up sponsorship programme for poor and needy children for their better education and bright future. To construct buildings for education and provide shelter to the shelter less by way of raising funds from members, philanthropists state, central government and abroad agencies. To help educationally and medically the orphans children by providing free education and medical aid with the assistance of government and abroad agencies.
To provide scholarships for poor and needy students or provide assistance and material for their better education. To arrange free periodical medical and health checkups and to facilitate medical aid to the needy people and also organise the emergency health transportation services in the area.

2. Al-Shifa Institute for Mentally Retard and Old Aged

Add: 2/400
R.S. Road
Kadapa – 516001
Andhra Pradesh
Tel : 91-8562-223883
Email : reehana.ahmed@gmail.com
Website : http://www.kadapamr.org
Contact Person : S. Md. Rafi, S. Imthiaz Ahammed
Purpose : Seeking for funding ti improve the health towards mentally retired childern.
Aim/Objective/Mission : Our main aim is to improve the health grounds in their daily life.
To inculcate them in their living life.


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