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We are looking at hiring 10/12th/ or any 1st/2nd year college students who want to pursue a career immediately. The position we are looking for includes customer care executives / customer care associate in a reputed telecom company. Preference will be given to candidates from economically and socially challenged backgrounds.

Contact us asap at +914466860143/ 8668103388 (between 9AM-5PM) at the earliest.

– Jerry Jonathan/ Preethi Zipporah
(HR Department) 05/01/2017
Eastern Shepherd International

Website : esigroup.in

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Eastern-Shepherd-International

Address : No:806 Samson Towers, 8th Floor, Pantheon Road,
Egmore, Chennai 600008


Source – Thambos (Eastern Shepherd International)


This 17-Year-Old Has Her Own NGO and Is Funding the Education of over 20 Kids

At an age when most teenagers are busy planning their lives – picking up schools or colleges to attend, deciding what courses they should take up, thinking about where to go out with friends, etc., 17-year-old Muskaan Chhibber was busy running from pillar to post to get her NGO registered.

“It all began three years ago when I started working with an NGO called Samarpan, in Vasantkunj, Delhi. This was soon after I started Class 10. I was working as a volunteer and was teaching kids of varying ages from underprivileged backgrounds. But the thought that there are many such children out there who are deprived of education because of lack of resources, was really saddening and that was when I decided that I will work for the society in some way or the other,” she says.

She started working with a community-based environmental campaign in Australia called Clean up the World, which empowers communities from across the globe to clean up, fix and conserve their environment. She became a member of the organization and started spreading awareness about environmental issues in Delhi, starting with her neighbours and friends and expanding from there.

It was around the same time that Muskaan lost her grandmother to cancer. This incident motivated her to work for cancer patients across the country as well.

17 year old own ngo

Finally, about two year ago she decided to bring together all the work she had been doing through individual campaigns under one umbrella and set up an organization. She also wanted to get it registered with the government to increase its credibility and authenticity. Muskaan named her organization Nurture Nature and got it registered with the help of her mother, successfully crossing all the legal barriers on the way. Today, her NGO has a core team of five people a huge group of volunteers working on different agendas.

“Our work is based around three basic pillars,” she says.

17 year old own ngo_2

  • Education: Nurture Nature has funded the education of over 20 children coming from different rural and semi-urban areas around Delhi. The team visits slums in Azadpur and Wazirpur areas, spreading awareness about the importance of education among children and parents there. They also help underprivileged children get registered in government schools and provide them with funds for all their requirements at school. The volunteers begin with the children of their domestic helps, gardeners, drivers, etc. and slowly move on to the community as a whole. “The first child whom we helped in school registration was named Rahul. His story was such that it  motivated other kids to join school as well. Being the eldest son of the family, he has been the only earning member after his father’s death. This was why he had to give up his education. But we registered him in an open school and a weekly tutorial centre, so he can get good education while working and helping his family as well,” says Muskaan. After north and south Delhi, the NGO plans to expand to Haryana.
  • Cancer Awareness: Muskaan contacted the Indian Cancer Society – an NGO working on spreading awareness about the detection and cure of cancer. With the help of ICS, she got a chance to visit hospitals and meet cancer patients directly. She and her team spoke to them and listened to their stories. They also took the same stories to the general masses to make people understand they whys and hows of the disease. Nurture Nature goes to schools and colleges talking to students and urging them to spread awareness about the disease further. They also have connection with doctors and they direct underprivileged cancer patients to hospitals where they will be treated for free. The NGO tries to help patients with the cost of medicines as much as possible.
  • Environment: Having begun social work in this field, Muskaan has been working for the environment ever since. Her team organises many cleanliness drives across the city, while also educating people about the importance of clean surroundings. They conduct charity events for people to contribut, and the money thus collected is used to conduct more cleanliness drives in the Delhi.

Muskaan, who recently finished Class 12, will be moving to the US for college.

17 year old own ngo_3

Rahul with his Family

The co-president of the NGO, Ved Rajgarhia will then look after the proceedings in India while she tries to expand the NGO in the US too. The team raises funds for Nurture Nature with the help of crowd-funding events, online fund raisers, charity events, etc.

They also have CSR wings of certain organizations sponsoring their work.

17 year old own ngo_4

Muskaan, who is highly interested in research, plans to get a degree in environmental studies and take her work forward.

Source: http://www.thebetterindia.com/

Relief India Trust eradicating ills of the society

There are many everlasting social and economic problems which infect a society and often lead to various societal imbalances. This gives rise to a situation called economic instability. Economic instability lead to many sections being deprived of the basic necessities to fulfill their day to day needs. But many times, the government is unable to provide a satisfactory solution to the rightful demands of the deprived. This is where the role of non-profit organizations justify itself the most. Non-profit organizations serve the needy and underprivileged society by extending them variety of relief facilities along with providing them with guidance about enhancing their social and economic status. One such benevolent organization is Relief India Trust. Relief India Trust undertakes multidimensional relief activities and provide them to whosoever is in need. The NGO reaches out to far flung areas of the country and extends its help. Following are some of the main aspects of Relief India Trust:

Building disease-free society
Relief India Trust is working towards creating a healthy and disease free society. Relief India Trust provides advanced healthcare facilities to people even in the remotest corners of the country. The health related activities performed by the NGO are as follows:

1. Arrangement of free medical camps
2. Provision of free medicine to deserving people
3. Creating awareness among people about preventive measure related to various diseases
4. Creating awareness about first aid tips
5. Honorary services of expert doctors
Relief India Trust provides thesefacilities by arranging various sorts of medical camps and providing free medicine to the needy people.
Conducting free educational workshops
Another major mission undertaken by Relief India Trust is to equip people with latest and emerging knowledge to build a bright professional life. As part of this program various projects related to technology and other vocational trainings are given at different occasions. Relief India Trust provides professional and vocational trainings from time to time in order to build professionalism in people for ensuring their success in different fields.
Relief India Trust does not have any concrete source of revenue or profit. Rather, their functioning is dependent on donations and volunteer services extended by donors and volunteers. After collecting these funds, different sorts of relief activities as discussed above are spread to the targeted areas, thus giving their major share in developing prosperous and progressive societies.
After going through the above mentioned information, it can be concluded that Relief India Trust is undertaking significant steps to ensure and sustain a progressive and prosperous society through its unending philanthropic activities.

Relief India Trust lending a hand to the needy

There are many sections of the society which remain devoid of even the basic necessities. Eradication of such inequality and bettering of societal prosperity has been the only motive for many noble organizations. Though there are many non-pofit organizations running to help underprivileged and for other causes, only a handful of them are really contributing to their said causes. One such NGO is Relief India Trust. Relief India Trust reaches out to people who are in need, even in farther and remote areas. Relief India Trust contributes through an array of  initiatives and looking at its activities will definitely help one in getting motivated to help the society. Following are some of the key facts about Relief India Trust:

Special relief activities

Many non-profit organizations undertake relief measures for people and areas struck with calamities. Relief India Trust has undertaken these relief measures for people who survived many disasters including floods, earthquakes, landslides and many others. The NGO helps such victims all over the country and facilitate in their rehabilitation. Relief measures are undertaken by Relief India Trust in various steps. They are:

ü Provision of necessary food items

ü Provision of shelter to the victims of disasters

ü Extension of medical facilities to them

Besides the above mentioned facilities, it is ensured that the affected people are provided with every sort of aid that is needed by them.

Besides running relief campaigns, Relief India Trust is also actively involved in spreading awareness even to the remotest corners of the country. The activities ubdertaken by Relief India Trust includes:

  1. Awareness campaigns

Relief India Trust has taken this upon itself to educate people who have lack of sources of information. The NGO runs awareness campaigns to educate people and thus, helping them in bettering their life standard. Besides this, the NGO also spreads awareness among students about varied career options. Relief India Trust provides educational counseling to students who lack resources and helps them design a better future.

  1. Ensuring disease free societies

Relief India Trust’s another major objective is to facilitate a disease-free world. To achieve this aim, Relief India Trust actively provides optimum health facilities to the people living in remote areas. The NGO leaves no stone unturned in extending multiple sort of health facilities to the deserving people of farflung areas, where they can have access to modernized health facilities, along with being aware of various precautionary measures to ensure the prevention of numerous diseases.



As it can be developed that Relief India Trust is doing its best in order to help the society and spread awareness in various domains even to remotest regions of the country, a maximum number of people should volunteer at the NGO and donate. Through this help, Relief India Trust will undertake various charitable campaigns which will help the needy and poor.