Ekantika Childrens Rational Home

Add: Janapriya Nagar
Hyderabad – 500050
Andhra Pradesh
Tel : 91-094406 37372
Email : ecrh@ekantika.com
Website : http://www.ekantika.com
Contact Person : Rajesh KVP
Purpose : To rehabilitate street children
Aim/Objective/Mission : To help the poor and downtrodden children live a normal life
TO adopt street or poor children below 7 years of age into the orphanage for full time.
Partial orphans(single parent), orphans who can’t meet their daily life’s needs, are the targetted children for rehabilitation.
Orphans taken into the orphanage are eligible for adoption, as per adoption act of india by long term members of ekantika after strict verification.
It is the organizations responsibility to bring the children to fore-front of the society, where they are equally competitive like other kids from well to-do families.
As an organization, it would also support other social causes like flood victims, breast cancer research, diabetes research and other similar welfare schemes.
Organization reserves the right to hand back the child to its natural parent, in case the parent wants the child back.
Children above 7 years of age will also be considered for adoption if they have adequate schooling till then and they can compete with other similar children in the orphanage.
The adopted children would be bought up in the organization, only till, they attain 21 years of age(by that time they should have reached their graduation). Afterwards, they need to look for their own accomodation, food, clothing etc. And the organization won’t be responsible, in any way, to extend their stay at the orphanage.

source- http://andhra-pradesh.ngosindia.com/ekantika-childrens-rational-home-hyderabad.html


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