This blog is about all the NGOs in India which are contributing towards the betterment of our nation. This is an effort to appreciate the initiative taken by these NGOs to help the underprivileged.  Nowadays a lot of people are using NGOs to do their dirty work. Such people disgrace an honest effort taken by the genuine NGOs depriving them of the respect they deserve. Therefore through this blog we are trying to help gain these NGOs the recognition and honor deserve for their commendable efforts. Feel free to post your reviews, thoughts or experiences on our blog. If you are interested in enlisting your NGO in our blog, you can contact us or fill up the form.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Dear Team,
    I am Jatin chawla, I am residing the above address.I am a salaried person. yesterday I went to a Home in Vishnu colony Ballabhgarh Faridabad. I have seen one brother(32) and sister (28) are living there But they both are paralysis patient. they are not paralysis by birth earlier both are normal . after their Mother & father death they are in depration. now the condition is they cant even walk. both are on wheelchair.. they are very poor. kindly help them to save their life… help them to stand them on their own.


    Jatin Chawla


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